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About Us
Bentonville Mystery History Tours is your guide to the past
Bentonville Mystery History Tours, a fun and entertaining look into Northwest Arkansas' past!

Here on the square, we have seen good guys and bandits, the horror of war, and the start of the American dream. 

America has had a very colorful and checkered past and a lot of that color has happened right on the Bentonville Square.

Hear about shoot-outs, generals, ghosts, and gallows! 

The historic Bentonville town Square is surrounded by notable buildings, including the Benton County Court House and Sam Walton's original 5&10!

Hear the tales of the 1893 Peoples Bank robbery, Jesse James, the Civil War, and of course Sam Walton and much more!
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About Me
Bentonville Mystery History Tours is owned and operated by Doug and Lisa Seyler. Tours will be conducted by Doug. I am a member of the Benton County Historical Society, I am a writer, artist, adventurer, traveler, and student of history!
Doug and Lisa Seyler started Bentonville Mystery History Tours to bring to you the history and lore of this rich and full land we call Northwest Arkansas. 

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